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Why is Simulink/Simscape throwing an error when everything needed it defined?

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Greg Whelan
Greg Whelan 2016년 12월 23일
댓글: Greg Whelan 2016년 12월 28일
To All, This is driving me nuts. I have successfully gotten an equivalent simulink model to function correctly.
When I implement the control with simscape components, it does not function. In fact it will run for a few steps, fixed step size or auto, and it fails. By finally running it in auto-step mode, another error says the simscape components are not converging. What does that mean?
I am working through the help on setting up the correct solver settings, but it still throws errors.


Jose Lara
Jose Lara 2016년 12월 27일
There are a couple of algebraic loops that need to be resolved in your model. First, in the Boost w/converter subsystem, the signal being converted to type double is used as part of the circuit used for in the ‘PS-Simulink Converter 1’ block.
Second, in the ‘Buck w/ converter’ subsystem has a dependency to the output signal of the ‘U_bar’ block. ‘MOSFET 1’ uses this signal, which is part of the circuit used for the ‘PS-Simulink Converter 1’ block.
Other problems that cause this error are discontinuities used in the model, for example, the ‘Relational Operator’ block.
For more information regarding Algebraic Loops and how to fix them, check out the following link:
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Greg Whelan
Greg Whelan 2016년 12월 28일
Thank you, but that was not actually the reason.
I researched this Christmas eve, it was the simscape power system components needing the powergui. I got it working on Christmas and the day after.

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