Need help troubleshooting error with Simulink Arduino tutorial related to time-response identification of RC circuit.

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I'm working on control systems tutorials found here. I've gone through the majority of the tutorial without issue, however if I try to run the both blocks highlighted, I get a very strange error (attached). If I run either the orange highlighted block, or the blue highlight block by itself, I have no errors, and get the expected output. It's just both together that I'm having issues with.
Does anyone have experience with this? If so, how can I fix the problem?
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Raghul 2017년 10월 3일
Sir when i try to simulate the same tutorial in that website. I experienced this problem. Please suggest me to overcome this problem

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Hari Desanur
Hari Desanur 2016년 12월 12일
Try to build your Simulink model by using one of the following solvers instead of the default "ode3 (Bogacki-Shampine)" solver -
1. ode8 (Dormand-Prince RK8(7))
2. ode5 (Dormand-Prince)
3. ode2 (Heun)
4. ode1 (Euler)
This should fix the issue. You can change the solver by opening the Configuration Parameters (Ctrl+E) and then changing the 'Solver' under the 'Solver options' menu.
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Phil 2016년 12월 21일
Thank you Hari, it worked for me using ode5 solver, I had issues using ode8 for some reason.

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