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This is a code to solve simultaneous equations as lines how can I make it shorter?maybe defining it as a function?

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Gonzalo Reina
Gonzalo Reina 3 Dec 2016
I want to make shorter is there any way to do that

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 4 Dec 2016
Other than the line
disp('The lines are perpendicular to each other ');
what are the differences between the last second and third blocks in your plot? Perhaps they could be combined into one.
What should your code do if the last elseif is not true?

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Tamir Suliman
Tamir Suliman 3 Dec 2016
편집: Tamir Suliman 3 Dec 2016
you could shorten it with many ways others also might be able to provide also different options
my answer is you could use a function that takes vectors or matrix fo a b and c
and then take the vector elements to be processed
function (v) v=[3 2 -5] a =v(1) b =v(2) c=v(3)
Please also add legends to your plot and titles

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Gonzalo Reina
Gonzalo Reina 3 Dec 2016
Thanks I already thought of using matrices but they want me to show how it can be solved algebraically But thanks I'll add the legend and title

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