interface mpu6050 with matlab

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David Ishak
David Ishak 2016년 12월 3일
답변: Gayatri Menon 2020년 1월 31일
how to interface mpu6050 arduino with matlab i wanna read values of accele and gyroscope i look at help but i can't understand i need code please
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hiba mohammab
hiba mohammab 2017년 7월 8일
hi did u fined the answer !?

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Mustafa Abu-Mallouh
Mustafa Abu-Mallouh 2018년 12월 30일
Take a look here to learn about interfacing MATLAB with I2C devices such as the MPU6050:
You will also need to look at the datasheet and register map (a simple google search) and read/write to the registers listed for the accelerometer and gyroscope readings.
There are also a couple of good youtube videos that show how to program and read values from the Arduino IDE which you can translate into MATLAB after reading the link above.

Gayatri Menon
Gayatri Menon 2020년 1월 31일
The below link will be helpful for you.It explains how to read data from mpu6050 sensor connected to Arduino


Find more on MATLAB Support Package for Arduino Hardware in Help Center and File Exchange


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