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Does anyone recommend a solid state hard drive that will enhance MatLab's speed.

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Jesse Crotts
Jesse Crotts 2 Dec 2016
편집: Walter Roberson 18 Dec 2018
I use my computer mainly for Matlab, CAD, and gaming. Does anyone have a recommendation for a SSD that will enhance these 3 uses' speed.

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Guillaume 2 Dec 2016
Have you established that your matlab code is I/O bound and not cpu or graphics bound? If it's not the case, the fastest drive in the universe won't make a difference.

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Tamir Suliman
Tamir Suliman 2 Dec 2016
편집: Walter Roberson 18 Dec 2018
yes my recommendations is OCZ is the one I m using now their website
usually what I do is I go to the brand website and search for the best tech specs according to my budget then search that model in amazon the one I m currently have

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