execution of external program fails

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Matthias Pospiech
Matthias Pospiech 2012년 3월 4일
I call ghostscript with
cmd = [gs ' -sOutputFile="' outputFile '" -f "' inputFile '"'];
status = system(cmd); % Run Ghostscript.
which results in commands like this one:
gswin32c.exe -q -dSAFER -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -dEPSCrop -dUseFlateCompression=true -dAutoRotatePages=/None -dHaveTrueTypes -r600 -dGraphicsAlphaBits#4 -dTextAlphaBits#4 -sDEVICE=png16m -sOutputFile="C:\SVN\google code\latexfigure\trunk\example\TEMP9058.png" -f "C:\SVN\google code\latexfigure\trunk\example\TEMP9058.pdf"
This is valid code an works in the command windows of windows. But matlab comlains:
Der Befehl "gswin32c.exe" ist entweder falsch geschrieben oder
konnte nicht gefunden werden.
The 'gswin32c' is in the path of windows and I restarted matlab already. What could go wrong?


Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub 2012년 3월 4일
There is something wrong with the path when you run system. MATLAB doesn't use the same path as the Windows command window. You need to add the full path to gswin32c.exe.
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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub 2012년 3월 5일
If you look at export_fig Oliver hard coded the paths. It might be unwanted, but it is probably the best you can do.

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Oliver Woodford
Oliver Woodford 2012년 3월 8일
I suggest you use the ghostcript function that comes with export_fig. It uses a full path if it needs to, but sets it automatically on each pc. You will also need to include the user_string function too.



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