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Please I need help in MATLAB!!

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Samira Zeinab
Samira Zeinab 25 Oct 2016
댓글: xiexiezaijian 26 Oct 2016
I have to write a function that changes binary numbers to decimal numbers without using loops and without using the function bin2dec.

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Adam 25 Oct 2016
If you have to write the function then write it. Then come and ask for help once you have made some effort.

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xiexiezaijian 25 Oct 2016
since no loops and no bin2dec, this work could be done using the definition of binary number and vecterization operation. Take binary number 101 for example:
a = 101;
b = str2num(num2str(a)');
c = 2.^(2:-1:0)*b;%get the decimal number here
it is easy to handle the binary number with 4 or more digits and even numbers with points.
It seems that this is a question in MATLAB Cody.....

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Samira Zeinab
Samira Zeinab 25 Oct 2016
I cannot use str2num . I have to use the point-wise operator :^ (dot ^ ) and the matrix multiplication operator applied to vectors. In particular, if u is a 1 by n vector and v is an n by 1 vector, then u v is the scalar given by u v = Σn i=1 u(i) v(i).)
xiexiezaijian 26 Oct 2016
If no str2num......maybe you could do like this;
a = 101;
b = num2str(101) - '0';% since '1'-'0' = 1;
c = 2.^(2:-1:0)*b';
really like a Cody problem....

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 25 Oct 2016
Hint: 2 to the 0, 2 to the 1, 2 to the 2, 2 to the 3... is 2 to the vector 0:3. Multiply each of those by the corresponding digit of the input and add the results

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