Simulink External Mode: Connect to target via CAN interface

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I am trying to use Simulink External Mode with a TI C2000 hardware board. The connection for external mode is supposed to run over a CAN bus interface. I followed the example provided in c28_ccp_ert. In this example a Vector CAN hardware interface is assumed. However, I would like to use a CAN hardware interface provided by PEAK instead.
I downloaded the required PEAK hardware package both from MathWorks and from PEAK and I also Have the Vehicle Network Toolbox installed. The PEAK CAN hardware is up and running. I can see it in Matlab using GetHWInfo. However, when running the above mentioned example, it always complains about a missing Vector dll-file. It looks as if usage of Vector hardware is somehow hardcoded into the model.
Is there any way to change the communication to make usage of the PEAK CAN hardware instead of Vector hardware?
Any clue is highly appreciated.
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Brian McKay
Brian McKay 2016년 10월 13일
External mode with C2000 is using the Vector CAN libraries, so it wont work with your PEAK CAN hardware.
You can use the C2000 CAN library blocks to talk to and interface with any CAN device (including PEAK).
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Götz Lipphardt
Götz Lipphardt 2016년 10월 14일
Hello Brian,
thank you for your answer. Thought so already. That should be changed or made clear in the documentation at least.

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