What Does 20/400 Mean?

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Jaewoo SHIN
Jaewoo SHIN 2016년 10월 12일
답변: Brendan Hamm 2016년 10월 12일
%%Create Video File Readers and the Video Player
% Create System Objects for reading and displaying the video
videoFileLeft = 'handshake_left.avi';
videoFileRight = 'handshake_right.avi';
readerLeft = vision.VideoFileReader(videoFileLeft, 'VideoOutputDataType', 'uint8');
readerRight = vision.VideoFileReader(videoFileRight, 'VideoOutputDataType', 'uint8');
player = vision.DeployableVideoPlayer('Location', [20, 400]);

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Brendan Hamm
Brendan Hamm 2016년 10월 12일
From the doc: "Location of bottom left corner of video window, specified as the comma-separated pair consisting of 'Location' and a two-element vector. The first and second elements are specified in pixels and represent the horizontal and vertical coordinates respectively. The coordinates [0 0] represent the bottom left corner of the screen. The default location depends on the screen resolution, and will result in a window positioned in the center of the screen."
So [20,40] corresponds to the bottom left hand corner of the Video Player in terms of pixels on the monitor.

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