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nono 2016년 10월 11일
편집: Thorsten 2016년 10월 20일
Dear Everyone, I am really embarrased, and I m pretty sure my problem is simple... I have a txt file with 2 columns of float numbers seperated with a tabulation. Above and below those two columns there are informations that might be interesting. First of all I d like to proceed to the acquisition of the 2 columns, ONLY. Secondly I'd like to get the value of some other informations like "resolution" (at the end of the file) value which is 20.00 here. Please find attached the text file. Best regards and thank you very much for your help :-)
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2016년 10월 11일
Technically that file is a binary file. There are no empty lines in the file, but each line ends in \r\r\n . Text files can have their lines ending in \r\n or \n but not \r\r\n .
That said, if you fopen() with 'rt' permissions, then MATLAB will treat the \r\r\n as a single end-of-line.

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Jean-Marie Sainthillier
Jean-Marie Sainthillier 2016년 10월 20일
편집: Jean-Marie Sainthillier 2016년 10월 20일
Try something like:
function M=read_X()
fgetl(fid); % YOKO
fgetl(fid); % START
while ~isequal(temp,'STOP')
if ~isempty(temp)
M=[M ;str2num(temp)];

Thorsten 2016년 10월 20일
편집: Thorsten 2016년 10월 20일
First check if the encoding is ISO-8859-1, such that accents are read correctly:
if ~strcmp(feature('DefaultCharacterSet'), 'ISO-8859-1')
feature('DefaultCharacterSet', 'ISO-8859-1')
X = textread('01.txt', '%s');
ind = find(strcmp(X, 'START')):find(strcmp(X, 'STOP'));
ind = ind(2:end-1); % numbers between START and STOP
Data = cellfun(@(x) sscanf(x, '%f'), X(ind));
Data = reshape(Data, 2, [])';
ind = find(strcmp(X, 'Résolution')) + 2;
resolution = sscanf(X{ind}, '%f');

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