How to turn off all results in matpower?

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siva swami
siva swami 2016년 10월 7일
답변: Meme Young 2019년 11월 28일
How to turn off all results in matpower power flow problem?

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ayyappa rudrasimha yedida
ayyappa rudrasimha yedida 2016년 10월 7일

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Meme Young
Meme Young 2019년 11월 28일
Dude ayyappa is right
But in Matpower 7.0 the ('out.all' ,0)option will be overridden when calling function runpf(),namely,the power flow function will change 'out.all' to 1 every time you run a powerflow case.The annotaion in Matpower7.0 manual regarding mpoption out.all and the source code of runpf() both confirmed this.
Of course you can modify the source code in matpower\lib\runpf.m but that is not recommended...

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