how to configure F28377D from C2000 family in embedded coder

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romang . 2016년 10월 5일
편집: Sumith Sekharan . 2016년 10월 7일
Hi everyone,
I'm using version 8.10 of Simulink Coder and 6.10 of embedded coder (everything from R2016a version). In the hardware configuration pane, when I select C2000 Custom board, I can't see the F28377D. Is there any additional components I need to install? I'm trying to work with this

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Brian McKay
Brian McKay 2016년 10월 6일
You may need the download the C2000 Support Package (for Embedded Coder). It supports F28377D.
You can get it (and more info) at this link. Click the blue button in upper right corner of the webpage:
You can also download the support package from the MATLAB toolstrip.
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romang 2016년 10월 6일
Hi Brian, I already have it installed (version 16.1.2). I am working with the F28335 and this one appears in the list, but when the F28377D doesn't

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Sumith Sekharan
Sumith Sekharan 2016년 10월 7일
편집: Sumith Sekharan 님. 2016년 10월 7일
Hi Miguel,
F28377D is only supported using the ert.tlc system target file which is the latest recommended way for hardware support. idelink_ert.tlc supports only old boards and this workflow will get deprecated in a future release. To use F28377D board,
1) Open Model Configuration Parameters
2) Select Hardware Implementation and select the Hardware Board as F2837xD
See the attached file.
Once you select the board you will get options to configure hardware peripheral feature on "Hardware Implementation" pane itself. For details:
Hope this helps.

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