2016b - How to install both DVDs silently?

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Ron 2016년 10월 4일
댓글: Thulasi A 2022년 4월 28일
In previous versions of MATLAB, there was one ISO file, and the initialization file for silent installation was pretty straight forward.
Today I went to download 2016b, and noticed there were two DVDs. Thinking one is the main installation, and the second was extras, I downloaded both and setup the initialization file in DVD1 (did nothing with DVD2), and ran the Linux install script for a silent install like I normally do.
At the end of the end of the script, "Info: Eject DVD 1 and insert DVD 2 to continue." popped up thousands of times in my terminal window, and would have continued indefinitely had I not killed the process.
Thanks to the constantly repeating "Info: Eject DVD 1 and insert DVD 2 to continue." message, in the 30min I stepped away from my computer to let the install finish, the log file for the installation grew to 3.9GB, which is ridiculous. That kind of log file growth could bring down a system by using all the free space on a drive in a very short time.
With all that now said, how do we perform a silent installation of 2016b if two DVD/ISO files are required? And what is the second DVD? The readme in DVD1 doesn't mention DVD2, and DVD2 has no readme.
Thanks, Ron
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Chaitanya Nidamanuri
Chaitanya Nidamanuri 2019년 11월 14일
ThanQ , this works for me

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Can Erik
Can Erik 2016년 10월 27일
편집: Can Erik 2016년 10월 27일
Just copy the contents of dvd2 to the same place as dvd1. There are only an "archives" folder and a .dvd2 file in the dvd2. Then run the setup.exe.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2019년 10월 12일
mohsin abbasi comments:
Work for me also. Well done ?

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Kah Chun Tan
Kah Chun Tan 2017년 3월 24일
Solution for Mount disc 2 loop I scanned the Disc 2 image file with windows defender to let computer "know" that it is mounted. Then I clicked continue,so glad that it worked.
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Thulasi A
Thulasi A 2022년 4월 28일
I was not having this windows defender. But i understand what is the problem adn solution.
My other solution was just right click Disc 2 and open with new window. Then continue the installation, it worked. :)

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Huina Mao
Huina Mao 2017년 9월 26일
편집: Image Analyst 2017년 9월 26일

Hi, when you get "eject dvd1 and insert dvd2 to continue" do following:

  1. Change the folder "archives" in the folder "matlab_r2017a_win64_dvd1" to another name such as "archives2"
  2. Copy all the content from the folder ""matlab_r2017a_win64_dvd2" to the folder "matlab_r2017a_win64_dvd1".
  3. Go back to the the message box of "eject dvd1 and insert dvd2 to continue" and continue the installment.
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Fisnik Haxhiu
Fisnik Haxhiu 2019년 1월 9일
I got this error to .Can anyone help me?

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Vincent Wang
Vincent Wang 2016년 10월 5일
I have seen your question.When you see that info,you should eject the DVD1 and load the DVD2.what's more,you should make sure that the letter you load is same as the last time.
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Edward Christiansen
Edward Christiansen 2016년 10월 17일
nor does it help at all on regular installs. The install program goes into an infinite loop and does not see the correctly mounted DVD2.

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Vincent Wang
Vincent Wang 2016년 10월 5일
and there is a file called _install_guide.pdf_in dvd1,you can read it.

Jan Studnicka
Jan Studnicka 2016년 10월 15일
Hi, there is an answer here:
You should download products (not ISO) for silent installation.
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Edward Christiansen
Edward Christiansen 2016년 10월 17일
which, by the way is REALLY AWESOME when you are trying to install on a network that can't connect to the internet.

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Charu Sharma
Charu Sharma 2017년 9월 19일
편집: Walter Roberson 2017년 9월 20일
Once dvd1 installation and it asks for dvd2, mount dvd2 in dvd1 folder. In ubuntu, you can use this command in terminal.
sudo mount -o exec R2017a_glnxa64_dvd2.iso R2017a_glnxa64_dvd1
(this is dvd1 folder)

Aditya  Akolkar
Aditya Akolkar 2017년 9월 20일
i am getting error as " eject dvd1 and insert dvd2 to continue"

Muzammil Shahad
Muzammil Shahad 2018년 1월 20일

Works Perfefectly for myself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLET4zSj3u0

Muhammad Awais Manzoor
Muhammad Awais Manzoor 2018년 2월 11일
After downloading iso formats of both cd. cd1(around 7 GB) and cd2(arounf 2.5 GB), do the following steps: 1). Unmount CD1 and install that.
2). then it would ask you to eject cd1 and insert CD2 at this point you have to open My Computer and from there you have to eject CD1 by right clicking on it.(but rememeber the drive name)
3). Now unmount CD2(but be careful because the drive name for CD2 must match the drive name of CD1).
4). Now press OK on the pop up which was asking for inserting CD2.
Done. Now it should be installed.
That worked for me and i hope that would work for everyone.

Bhavin Shiyani
Bhavin Shiyani 2018년 10월 6일
Easiest way is extract dvd1 Iso file to "Dvd1" named folder, then extract dvd2 Iso to the same "Dvd1" folder and run the setup.


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