How do not open the "open reading frames" window with che command seqshoworfs?

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Hi, I need to iterate through 80K sequences and find the possible ORFs in each sequence. I have been struggling with this since the command seqshoworfs automatically opens one window for each sequence analyzed and since I have so many sequences it gets stuck ("busy") and won't work anymore. Is there a way I can avoid displaying this window? Thank you all very much

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Joe Yeh
Joe Yeh 2016년 10월 3일
It's not clear from the documentation, but if you do
edit seqshoworfs.m
You'll see that it can take 'nodisplay' argument (line 165). To suppress display, you simply have to issue command like this:
result = seqshoworfs(seq, 'nodisplay', 'true');
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chaim giladi
chaim giladi 2021년 5월 31일
thanks from me too.
glad to have found this, though I have only 3523 sequences to run :)

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