why wavelet decomposition maximum level wmaxlev instruction returns an imaginary answer?

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Hi, when using the instruction wmaxlev(signal,'type of wavelet') the ans is returned imaginary , how can I get rid of it?

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Wayne King
Wayne King 2016년 10월 4일
Can you please show us some example code that does this?
The first input argument to wmaxlev is not the signal, it is the length of the signal or the size of the image
For example, suppose you had a signal of length 1024 and you were using the 'sym4' wavelet.
or imagine you had a 512x512 image
wmaxlev([512 512],'sym4')
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sara authafa
sara authafa 2016년 10월 6일
that's right,I found it recently,the reason is giving the first argument as a signal not the length of it,Thank you.

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