Customizing Polyspace Code Prover Report

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Shaku kaa
Shaku kaa 2016년 9월 30일
답변: Christian Bard 2016년 11월 2일
Right now Polyspace giving the information about all the files which we added initially.But, POlyspace is not using all the files .In the "Run-Time Checks Summary" it is giving information of all the added files .. Is it possible to obtain a "Run-Time Checks Summary " with polyspace used files. it all should be done automatically


Christian Bard
Christian Bard 2016년 11월 2일
Hi Shaku, Using DeveloperReview template, you get a summary of run-time checks by files added to the analysis. Files not present in the summary don't have any run-time checks.
Regards, Christian

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