Looking for simulink toolboxes on the external interface capabilities with the c2000 devices from TI

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Hi, I'm looking to interface Simulink with the TI controller, f28335. Specifically, I need to access the XINTF registers on the chip using Simulink, to read from external data lines XD[15..0] on the chip. This data bus is connected to an external device.
Is there a good way to do this using Simulink?
Matlab version 2012b.

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Brian McKay
Brian McKay 2016년 9월 29일
I think you may need to look into using the Custom Code Block as access to the XINTF register is not part of the baseline C2000 support. I believe we initialize the register, but we don't provide a way for your to write code to it.
I've never tried this, but here is a doc link for R2012b (login may be required): http://www.mathworks.com/help/releases/R2012b/rtw/ug/integrating-external-code-using-custom-code-blocks.html#f14379

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