Extend scope of variables to other local functions

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Jurgen . 2016년 8월 26일
편집: Stephen23 . 2016년 8월 26일
I have a function that uses a few helper functions. I'd like these helper functions to have access to variables without:
  • passing variables
  • making nested functions
  • making globals
E.g. when I call a local function from another function in the same m-file, the body of the called function is evaluated in the scope/namespace of the caller. As far as I know `evalin()` only works with single expressions.
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Guillaume 2016년 8월 26일
In C++, unless your variables are extern static (i.e. matlab's global) you won't be able to share variables between functions in different files even at the namespace scope.

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Guillaume 2016년 8월 26일
my m-files are sets of related functions, almost like classes
Then use classes, you can have your shared variables as private properties of the class, and your functions as methods of the class.


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