Is there need to write C2000 peripheral initialize code (such as PWM、ADC module ) when design a motor control model based on simulink coder

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Hi, engineers.I'm confused that if I could build the motor control model offered by mathworks's example < motor control > and run in C2000 development kit without writing C2000 peripheral initialize code? cause I did't see any initialize model in simulink coder ,but it's vital to write peripheral initalize code when our write an motor control program in CCS. anyideas on answer the question would be highly appreciated. (I also attached the example picture as follow)

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Brian McKay
Brian McKay 2016년 8월 22일
편집: Brian McKay 2016년 8월 22일
If you are using the C2000 Support Package, we are generating all required initialization code. During the model build, the executable will be generated with all initialization and application code included.
Generated file MW_c28xx_board.c will have all initialization code for the processor. We are calling some of the TI functions (available in controlSUITE) also to do the initialization. Other init code will be generated in the modelname.c file as modelname_initialize function.

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haibo tan
haibo tan 2016년 8월 23일
Brian.thank you so much for answering my questions in time.


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