Polyspace and Report Generator: "PolyspaceData"

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Patrick Schuster
Patrick Schuster 2016년 8월 16일
답변: Christian Bard 2016년 11월 2일
I want to modify a Polypsace report template. Loading a Polyspace report template like e.g. "Polyspace Developer Report (Developer.rpt)" to the MATLAB Report Generator in every step there is used a "PolyspaceData"-object or -class.
E.g. in "Title Page" there is used: "%<PolyspaceData.GetMessage('polyspaceCodeVerification')>".
How can I access this object/class? Is there a way to export "PolyspaceData" from a running polypace project to the MATLAB workspace or so?
Kind regards, Patrick


Christian Bard
Christian Bard 2016년 11월 2일
Hi Patrick, If you want to customize the report, please refer to documentation http://www.mathworks.com/help/bugfinder/ug/customize-report-template.html for an overview of possible modifications available.
Regards, Christian

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