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Can i download the model example - 'pe_marine​_electrica​l_system' and run it on my matlab 2013a

Akshay Bhatt 님이 질문을 제출함. 12 Aug 2016
최근 활동 Andrew 님이 답변함. 25 Jun 2019
How can I access and run the model - 'pe_marine_electrical_system'. I have a matlab 2013a version and I beleive that this example was released in the later versions. Is there a way to download this example and run it on my matlab version ? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated

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Andrew 님의 답변 25 Jun 2019
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This example relies on features which are only found in more recent releases. It first appeared in Simscape Power Systems in R2015a, and was renamed to ee_marine_electrical_system in Simscape Electrical in R2018b. The best approach would be to download a trial of the latest version.

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