c2000 support package offline installation

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Dominic Malane
Dominic Malane 2016년 8월 11일
댓글: farahnaz hamidani 2021년 11월 8일
I need to install the support package for c2000. Unfortunatly I dont have Internet access with my computer where the actual maltab license is installed. We have only one matlab license so we cannot use another computer with internetaccess to use the targetinstaller. Can the support package be downloaded without matlab and installed offline?
Thank you in advance

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Brian McKay
Brian McKay 2016년 8월 11일
You do need MathWorks products installed to gain access to the C2000 Support Package. But you can "Download To Folder", copy that folder to a thumb drive, and take that thumb drive into your lab, and install from folder on a machine in the lab that may not have an internet connection.
Here's the documentation with details on how to do that:
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farahnaz hamidani
farahnaz hamidani 2021년 11월 8일
My Matlab is installed on a works' PC that is not permitted to connect to the internet. How do I install hardware support packages on a non-internet PC?

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