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Verification failed - Simulink Support Package for Samsung GALAXY Android Devices

Alexander Tuma 님이 질문을 제출함. 6 Aug 2016
I run the command
and go through the setup (Android (Simulink)). Everything works fine except the verification process. "Testing Connection" failed every time.
Smartphone and PC are in the same Wifi-Network and the smartphone display is on all the time.
I am using MATLAB R2015b with Windows 10 Pro 64-bit and a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. I tried: two different Wifi-Networks, disabling Windows Firewall, reboot PC, reboot smartphone.
Thanks for your help!

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saras 님의 답변 8 Aug 2016
saras 님이 편집함. 8 Aug 2016

You mentioned that the display is on. Is there a screen lock? Try keeping the screen on, and unlocked, throughout the verification process.
Also, do you see TestApp installed and running on the phone during 'Testing Connection' step?

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Thanks for the confirmation. This issue should be resolved when support for Android 6.x is added.
Hello, facing similar porblem.
I was trying to configure my Android device with Matlab support package installer but facing few problems. During verification of configurations Testing connections is getting failed (After building and running app). I am able to see the TestApp open in my mobile and both are connected on same wifi network, but IP address shown on TestApp is bit different with IP address of PC. can any one help me out knowing this stuff?
Hi Azhar, I'm encountering the same case Azhar. Have you fixed this one? Thanks!

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