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plot grid in background

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I use the gridxy (<>) function (because the original grid can not be modified properly), which works very well.
But in this example the grid is painted in the foreground in the exported png:
figure(1); clf;
x = [0:0.1:10];
y = sin(xaxis*pi/2).*xaxis;
xtemp = [x(1) ; x(:) ; x(end)] ;
ytemp = [0 ; y(:) ; 0 ] ;
% plot
hplot = fill(xtemp,ytemp, 'b');
set(hplot, 'FaceColor' , [0.5, 0.5, 0.75])
set(hplot, 'EdgeColor' , [0, 0, 0.25])
hgrid = gridxy(get(gca,'XTick'),get(gca,'YTick'),'Color',[0.6 0.6 0.6],'Linestyle','--', 'LineWidth', 0.6);
print(gcf, '-r400', ['test' '.png'], '-dpng');
If I could attach the resulting png you would see the problem directly...

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Matthias Pospiech
Matthias Pospiech 2012년 3월 4일

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