dicomwrite to create RT DOSE DICOM file causes Warning: Attribute (0020,0010) has wrong amount of data.

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Why does this warning issue? Is it important? How do I resolve it?
Relevant Code:
doseinfo = dicominfo('[file on a shared drive]\RT-Dose\[filename].dcm');
dosedist = double(squeeze(dicomread('[file on a shared drive]\RT-Dose\[filename].dcm')));
%%We write the resulting blurred dose to a new RTDOSE DICOM file.
blurredx = uint16(reshape(xdosecounter,[size(xdosecounter,1) ...
size(xdosecounter,2) 1 size(xdosecounter,3)]));
blurredy = uint16(reshape(ydosecounter,[size(ydosecounter,1) ...
size(ydosecounter,2) 1 size(ydosecounter,3)]));
blurredz = uint16(reshape(zdosecounter,[size(zdosecounter,1) ...
size(zdosecounter,2) 1 size(zdosecounter,3)]));
This warning repeated three times:
Warning: Attribute (0020,0010) has wrong amount of data.
> In dicom_add_attr>validate_data (line 134)
In dicom_add_attr (line 103)
In dicom_convert_meta_to_attr (line 39)
In dicom_copy_IOD (line 49)
In dicomwrite>write_message (line 277)
In dicomwrite (line 208)
Checking the written DICOM dose file, its Study ID is the same as the original dose file (which we specified beforehand as a string of letters), so I do not understand the cause for the warning, or what the 'wrong' amount of data is.

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Daniel Bridges
Daniel Bridges 2017년 5월 5일
편집: Daniel Bridges 2017년 5월 5일
Attribute (0020,0010) is the Study ID. It appears to have a character maximum that MathWorks are warning us about.
A short StudyID does not trigger this error warning; for example:
'CreateMode','copy','StudyID',num2str(indexnumbers(fileloop)),'SeriesDescription','interfractional error');
However, a longer StudyID does trigger this warning:
'CreateMode','copy','StudyID','PTCOG2017BlurredResult','SeriesDescription',['revised blurring for Case ',num2str(indexnumbers(fileloop))])

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