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color contour different then pcolor

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I am using pcolor together with contour lines. However the value of the lines can no be identified from the plot, as can be seen in the following code
[x y data] = peaks(1000);
data = data / max(max(data));
colorDepth = 1000;
hold on;
pcolor(x,y,data); shading flat;
[C,hfigc] = contour(x, y, data,[0:0.1:1]);
set(hfigc, ...
'LineWidth',1.0, ...
'Color', [1 1 1]);
hold off;
hcb = colorbar('location','EastOutside');
I would rather want the pcolor to be in gray values and he contour lines in colors. However then I need a legend for the contour lines as well.

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Matthias Pospiech
Matthias Pospiech 2012년 2월 22일
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