Matlab and C++ (Qt)

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Paul An
Paul An 2012년 2월 14일
Very new to matlab compiler and shared library.
I have interest in using one of these to create a standalone desktop application. I'm mostly interested in using Matlab for scientific plotting (including all of its useful UI, such as labels and zooming). I'm also interested in using its numerical computation, but that's secondary for now.
Any comments, suggestions? I currently have a Qt(C++) application and prefer to use Matlab to handle the plotting. Thanks in advance.

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Matthias Pospiech
Matthias Pospiech 2012년 2월 14일
I do not see how matlab plots should be included inside a c++(qt) app. For Qt you could use qwt, or you build your entire app in matlab.
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Paul An
Paul An 2012년 2월 14일
Are you saying it's not technically possible to launch matlab plot figures or pipe it into a new window? I thought I've seen java applications that use matlab plots. Maybe I am not understanding all the approaches one can take with matlab for desktop applications.

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Jun-Hyeong kim
Jun-Hyeong kim 2012년 3월 16일
Matlab is able to make *.lib file. So, if you use this *.lib file, Your C++ applicaton can use matlab function or chart or etc..
For making *.lib, you must have sub-toolbox that is Compiler.

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