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maclaurin series code problem

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Mary Jeppson
Mary Jeppson 7 Jun 2016
댓글: Mary Jeppson 7 Jun 2016
I keep getting "index exceeds matrix dimensions" but i don't see a problem. Can anyone see why this isn't working?
n = 4;
es = 0.5*10^(2-n);
x = 5;
approx(1) = 5;
analytical = sin(5)
et(1) = (analytical-approx(1))/analytical*100
ea(1) = NaN
for k = 1:20
approx(k+1) = approx(k)+(-1)^(k)*x^(2*k+1)/factorial(2*k+1)
ea = (approx(k+1)-approx(k))/approx(k+1)*100
et = (analytical-approx(k+1))/analytical*100
if abs(ea(k+1))<es
I greatly appreciate the help.

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Iain 7 Jun 2016
in your code, ea is a scalar, and you're trying to access the k+1th element, which is the error.

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Mary Jeppson
Mary Jeppson 7 Jun 2016
Oh, right. Thank you very much.

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