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Hello, i want to plot graph and workout area under that graph, i m doing it by polyarea function, but certain errors are generated, pls help?

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Here i attached file also, and what program i have type in m file is mention below, Program: load FDR_0.2.mat; dp=6000:8000; %(dp i have mentioned here bcz i want to plot a graph for only data range between 6000:8000) c=x(dp);d=F1(dp); A=polyarea(c,d); figure, plot(c,d)
this is error which i have got, Undefined operator '+' for input arguments of type 'cell'.
Error in polyarea (line 42) (y([2:siz(1) 1],:) + y(:,:)))/2),[1 siz(2:end)]);
Error in F (line 7) A=polyarea(c,d);
please Help me out. thnx in advanced


Orion 2016년 4월 20일
In your mat file, F1 and V1 are cells, not arrays. A cell is an object that can contain numbers, strings, ... there is no sense to "add" cells.
you need to extract the data you want from your cell, or convert it directly.
something like that :
load FDR_0.2.mat;
d=cell2mat(F1(dp)); % convert in array
figure, plot(c,d)



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