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How do I use Polyspace Bug Finder with Jenkins?

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I would like to use Polyspace Bug Finder in a continuous integration system mechanism.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team 님이 편집함. 5 Apr 2017
In the zip package attached to this article you will find information to create a Polyspace Bug Finder demo with Jenkins in a very easy way. The workflow of the demo is the following:
  • polyspace-configure monitors the compilation of your complete project (a build “all”) and creates a project file (an options file).
  • Then Polyspace Bug Finder analysis starts on the built files.
  • Polyspace import comments, at end of the analysis, executes a difference between previous job results and current job results.
  • One Perl script parses the two last log files and the difference between the two last runs to check defects and coding rules.
  • At last, an E-mail will be sent with the difference.
  • From E-mail sent, you can open last results, and you see defects and coding rule violations
Even if It is not the real workflow that you want to apply, I guess it will provide some ideas how to implement it.
The Docs sub-folder contains a QRG. Enjoy it!

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Anirban 27 Mar 2019
In R2019a, the 'MathWorks Polyspace plugin' in Jenkins allows you to run the Polyspace Server products as part of continuous integration.
After you install the Polyspace Server (and Polyspace Access) products, you can download the plugin from Jenkins and point the plugin to your product installation. The plugin provides these features:
  • Running Polyspace Bug Finder Server or Polyspace Code Prover Server on checked-in C/C++ code
  • Uploading Polyspace results (bugs, run-time errors, coding standard violations, code complexity metrics and other findings) to the Polyspace Access web interface for review
  • Setting up pass/fail criteria for builds based on Polyspace results
  • Filtering results based on predefined criteria such as file ownership or impact of defects
  • Sending e-mail notifications with new findings to file owners
For an overview of the plugin, see MathWorks Polyspace plugin.
For a quick start and example scripts, see MathWorks Polyspace plugin repository in Github.
For a more detailed tutorial, see the Polyspace documentation.

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xuesong wang
xuesong wang 7 Nov 2019
Dear Anirban:
As you say "After you install the Polyspace Server (and Polyspace Access) products".
I just wonder how can I install the Polyspace Access?
When I follow the install guide ,it says "Download the installer as a zip file"
But where can I get this zip file ?
Could you please help me ?
Thanks a lot !
Anirban 7 Nov 2019
You can download the R2019b version of the Polyspace Access products here:
xuesong wang
xuesong wang 8 Nov 2019
Hi Anirban:
thanks a lot!

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