How do i transfer big symbolic equations into Simulink

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Sed 2016년 4월 18일
댓글: Walter Roberson 2022년 6월 25일 13:51
Hello everyone,
I am trying to solve the dynamics of a serial manipulator with 6DOF, and I want to transfer the result of an m file (vector of symbolic Torques) into a Simulink block and replace the symbolic variables with a vector of input to have the final numeric result as an output of the block.
I tried a Matlab function block but it does not support symbolic variables.
I tried to call the function as an extrinsic function but Simulink crashes every time I run it.
"from workspace" and "from m file" blocks are not what I need since I have an input to the block.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.
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Negin Borna
Negin Borna 2022년 6월 20일 20:01
Hello sed, I have same problem,can you explain how you fixed it?

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Ced 2016년 4월 19일
What do you mean by "matlab function does not support symbols"? Maybe I misunderstood your problem, but there is a function called matlabFunction, and it is specifically made to take symbolic expressions and turn them into "numerical functions".
Here is a small example for a 3DOF robot arm:
% Given: symbolic EoM dx = f(....)
syms q1 q2 q3 dq1 dq2 dq3 T1 T2 T3 real
q = [q1 q2 q3]'; % generalized coordinates
dq = [dq1 dq2 dq3]'; % derivative of generalized coordinates
T = [T1 T2 T3]'; % torque vector
% ... HERE: computation of EoM, returning symbolic dx = f(q,dq,T)
% now generate function
This will generate a file f_dyn.m with function
function dx = f_dyn(in1,in2)
where in1 = [ q ; dq ] and in2 = T
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2022년 6월 25일 13:51
Please show the code for the function that reports that erroy

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