Matlab crashes when trying to connect simulink blocks

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fasola 2016년 4월 16일
답변: Brian McKay 2016년 4월 18일
I am using Matlab 2015b, with embedded target for C2000 . I open Simulink and a new model file, I add some blocks and when I try to draw the signal lines to connect the blocks , Matlab crashes; a message box opens with some debug informations (my sistem properties and OS register contents) and 2 buttons : end now, or debug. This happens even if I try to edit example model . I can not do anything in Simulink


Brian McKay
Brian McKay 2016년 4월 18일
You may wish to contact MathWorks Technical Support so they can log the error message.
Do you have Embedded Coder on your license? It is required to use the C2000 Support Package.
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