Finding largest values in matrix

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Yaniv 2016년 4월 10일
댓글: Yaniv 2016년 4월 10일
I would like to find the 10 largest values in a 90x90 matrix, and their indices. Any suggestions? Thanks, Yaniv

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Ced 2016년 4월 10일
편집: Ced 2016년 4월 10일
A = randn(90);
Nmax = 10; % get Nmax biggest entries
[ Avec, Ind ] = sort(A(:),1,'descend');
max_values = Avec(1:Nmax);
[ ind_row, ind_col ] = ind2sub(size(A),Ind(1:Nmax)); % fetch indices
You can of course also use a while loop and pick out one value at a time.
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Yaniv 2016년 4월 10일
Looks great, exactly what I needed. Thanks.

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