Generate PWM pulse using C280x processor

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Asim Dey
Asim Dey 2016년 4월 7일
댓글: Asim Dey 2017년 12월 26일
Board:- TMS320F2808
Any can help me to generate a DC-PWM pulse through Digital Oscilloscope. I know the basic register configuration of required block, but how they are connect each other, is a problem to me???
As my point of view the required Simulink blocks are: [C280x ADC], [C280x ePWM] & [C280x GPIO Digital Output]. But how they are connect each other? [GPIO DO] simulink block shows a input port that outside signal entering to his block and [ePWM] simulink block not shows any output port that fed signal to any other block.
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cagla uzun
cagla uzun 2017년 12월 26일
how can i simulate pwm signals in matlab?

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Brian McKay
Brian McKay 2016년 4월 12일
Hi Asim,
For the C280x, you select the PWM channel in the block dialog (such as ePWM1). The PWM channel is automatically translated to an output pin on the device (which may vary depending on the device). You don't need the GPIO DO block.
Looking at the DIMM pinout for F2808, EPWM1A = GPIO-00 = pin 23, and EPWM1B = GPIO-01 = pin 73. So selecting ePWM1 will use GPIO-00 and GPIO-01 channels automatically.
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Asim Dey
Asim Dey 2017년 12월 26일
Need Windows system configuration and CCS to matlab files path setting.
Youtube video is available to resolve this problem.

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