updating tooloboxes with newest version of Matlab

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Hello, I am relatively new to Matlab and have a Matlab student license and a few toolboxes. If I upgrade to the latest Matlab (2016a), do I need to re-purchase the toolboxes I bought for the previous version? -Chris

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Orion 2016년 4월 6일
It depends.
When you buy a matlab licence, you have free maintenance for one year for all the toolboxes you possess. So If you had Matlab R2015a, you can have for free Matlab R2015b and R2016a.
If you want to update from a former version, then you're gonna have to pay the upgrade for all the toolboxes (including matlab).
You should contact directly the Mathworks to ask them a cost estimation.
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Christopher Orphanides
Christopher Orphanides 2016년 4월 6일
Thanks. I got the student license this fall, so I should be ok. It wasn't apparent when I started the installation process, so I figured I would ask just in case.

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