how to write delta function like this?

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Kuheli Mondal
Kuheli Mondal 2016년 3월 31일
댓글: Ced 2016년 3월 31일
h(n)=delta(n-3)-2*delta(n-4); delta(n==0)=1 can any one help me. Thank you.
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Ced 2016년 3월 31일
The delta function in this case is defined as
"if n is equal to 0, then the function value is 1, else, the function value is 0"
You can implement it just like that in matlab.

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Jan 2016년 3월 31일
delta = (n==0);
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Ced 2016년 3월 31일
Did you mean to write
delta = @(n)(n==0);

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