xpc target missing messagea sent by target_obj.GetSignal()

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Justin 2012년 1월 27일
Hello xpc target users (or more realistically, hello Gordon Weast), xPC target is a powerful, but fickle beast of burden that will turn on a lesser warrior without warning. Recently, it has developed a taste for my soul. I am using an xPC target application to communicate with a .net program through a COM interface. My .net program uses the target_obj.GetSignal() function to periodically query a few signals in my model. Normally, the communication between the host computer and the target computer is fast enough that it is not noticeable, but every few seconds the roundtrip time for the communication jumps up to around .3 seconds. This is enough of a delay to momentarily bring my program to it's knees. It's driving m crazy and I think that it's hurting my program's feelings. The host computer and the target computer are directly connected to one another, and there is no other traffic on their network.
After snooping around a bit in the network traffic, I found out that the delay is occurring because the request from the host computer to the target computer is not being received. This is causing the host computer to wait around and then eventually resend the message.
Do you have any idea why the target computer might be missing messages? Have you ever observed this tactic of the beast before, and if so do you know of any way to defend against it? Is there yet any hope?
I would appreciate any and all insights. thank you, Justin

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Gordon Weast
Gordon Weast 2012년 2월 10일
I'm honestly not sure why there would be a problem sending a request to the target and having it get dropped. Is this part of a large number of requests?
We would need to know a lot more about your setup before we could offer any reasonable answers.
I'm not the expert in our group for .NET and COM problems. You should contact tech support about this and it will get attention from the correct person.
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