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How to save a variable which changes runtime in Matlab?

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Hi, I have tried to run this simple script in Matlab: clear all; for i=1:3 if i==1 save indice.mat i; else save indice.mat i -append; end end load indice.mat
I expected to see in my workspace a variable i like this: [1 2 3] or [1; 2; 3] but the result was different: Matlab seems to store only the last value (in this case 3) of the variable i. Does anyone know why? How can I do? Thank you for help

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Chandra Kurniawan
Chandra Kurniawan 26 Jan 2012
Did you mean :
for i = 1 : 3
s(i) = i;
if i == 1
save indice.mat s;
save indice.mat s -append;
load indice.mat

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Zina 26 Jan 2012
No sorry, I don't mean like that...because I don't want to create an array and then put in it some values but I would like to collect all the values run time as if I create an array before, I will have some problems with memory (cause in my case the code is more difficult...)
Zina 26 Jan 2012
(in the script I have post there are only three elements but I have to face with an array of 10000 I think that probably It would be an idea to save the elemts runtime and then load only the variables I have to use...)
Chandra Kurniawan
Chandra Kurniawan 26 Jan 2012
You said that 'I don't want to create an array' but in your question you wrote [1 2 3].
[1 2 3] is an array.
If consider not to use array, then the output should produce a scalar that store only the last value.

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