Arduino Simulink Serial Communication

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semih ucari
semih ucari 2016년 3월 1일
댓글: JUN-RONG CHEN 2020년 4월 8일
Hi ;
I am using the models above. I am transmitting constant 100 to arduino, but I cannot read 100 on the receive scopes. I uploaded them separately and I also uploaded them in the same model. I couldn't read 100 in both ways. What could be wrong?
Thank you.
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Qasim Alazze
Qasim Alazze 2016년 11월 5일
hello : Have you gotten answer to your question or solved it??? if you did please help i have same problem ???

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Venkatachala Sarma
Venkatachala Sarma 2016년 3월 8일
To the top right of the 'Serial Transmit' and 'Serial Receive' blocks, it says 'ARDUINO'. This means that these blocks execute only inside ARDUINO hardware. You will not be able to use scopes to see the value sent or received by ARDUINO's serial port.
If you would like to transmit '100' serially to any hardware, you have to use 'Serial Configuration' and 'Serial Send' blocks in 'Instrument Control Toolbox'. Also to receive data serially from any hardware, use 'Serial Receive' in the same toolbox.
Hope this helps.
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JUN-RONG CHEN 2020년 4월 8일
Please send me a sample of this if possible. thank you

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