Find volume of a polyhedron

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Iila 2016년 2월 23일
댓글: Iila 2016년 2월 29일
Hi everyone,
My polyhedron is concave, so I cannot use "boundary alphaShape convhull" to find the volume. Plus "boundary alphaShape convhull" give me a different set of facets from what I need for my polyhedron. I have the vertices and facets plotted. I just need to find the enclosed volume.
Plus, when my polyhedron has self intersection, is there any quick way to find the intersecting volume? (You can ignore this question completely, if it's hard to imagine.)

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Shivam Chaturvedi
Shivam Chaturvedi 2016년 2월 29일
Hi Lila,
Please refer to the following answer by Mike Garrity for instructions and an example on how to calculate the volume of non-convex polyhedra.
Please mark this answer as accepted in case this helps you.
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Iila 2016년 2월 29일
Hi Shivam,
Thanks so much for your kind reply. I tried alphashape in the first place. Sadly, it doesn't give me the exact shape(set of faces) I need. I have a group of faces defined already, but alphashape and convhull give me a different group of faces, which give the wrong volume.
I'm really worried how I can find the correct volume for the shape I have already plotted with "Patch".

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