how to converse GPS .txt files in .xls files

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Joel Kabrin Domgno
Joel Kabrin Domgno 2016년 2월 23일
답변: Shivam Chaturvedi 2016년 2월 29일
Hello everybody, i want your help. can someone help to write a programm that can tranform GPS-Data with .txtfile into .xlsfile please? thanks. Joel


Shivam Chaturvedi
Shivam Chaturvedi 2016년 2월 29일
Hi Joel,
If the GPS data is comma-separated or tab-delimited, then you can simply read in the data from the txt file. You can also use the data import tool as described here:
You can also read about the different methods of importing data into MATLAB here:
Regarding exporting to .xls file, here's some reference to get you started on that:
Hope that helps

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