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Getting error from xlsread

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I am trying to run a code which used to work perfectly using previous versions of Matlab. Now after upgrading to version 2015b I receive this error at line 251 of xlsread.m
Anybody knows anyway to fix this?
thank you.
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Kashif Mehmood
Kashif Mehmood 25 May 2019
i tried this but still have problem

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xianjie Zhou
xianjie Zhou 17 Feb 2016
What error message you got? I have the same problem, it saids: Error: The server threw an exception. But I run for second time it goes. I believe there are some solutions for that:
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Armin Sadeghian
Armin Sadeghian 17 Feb 2016
When I check xlsread.m at line 251 I see the same error "threw exception".I reinstalled Matlab, but it did not solve my problem.

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XM Liu
XM Liu 17 Nov 2016
1- open the excel> file, >option, >add in, manage then select COM ADD IN, and clear everything (unchecked). everything should be cleared (unchecked). 2- restart the PC, and open the matlab. 3- perform xlsread command.
PS. For those people who use foxit pdf reader, it is potential to face this problem, so follow mentioned order.
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Atsushi 30 Apr 2019
Thanks Liu. It also worked for me with R2018a and Excel 2016.

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Seth Wright
Seth Wright 22 Oct 2018
Saving it as a csv file fixed it


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