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Robin 2016년 2월 16일
댓글: N/A 2017년 2월 13일
I would like to control the mass flow controllers of my experiment via an Arduino Mega and Simulink. However, while I can read and plot data very nicely using the function block Analog Read, there seems to be no function block for Analog Output. The digital output function is not suitable for my application, I need to set my equipment using analog input signals in the range of 0-5V. I would be very surprised if this was not possible in Simulink. I have installed the Arduino support packages.
Thank you for your help.


Emilie Delaherche
Emilie Delaherche 2016년 2월 17일
Hello Robin,
Try the PWM (Pulse Width modulation) output block:
PWM enables a digital output to provide a range of different power levels, similar to that of an analog output. The value you send to the block determines this power level.
Hope this help, Emilie
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N/A 2017년 2월 13일
where did you found that arduino IO with analog output ?

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