ICA image analysis steps

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Andrew 2016년 1월 29일
답변: David Young 2016년 1월 30일
Hi there. I'm new in image analysis and i would like to ask for some guidelines in order to analyze some images. I have to use the ICA analysis to isolate some areas from MRI images. So i would like to ask you what are the steps that i have to follow in that case. My images are 3D DICOM files (X,Y and time) , and i need to reduce the motion effect on that images.
Firstly i have to use the ICA to decompose the images into 4 or 5 ICs , so i need your help and your advises at these first part of my project.


David Young
David Young 2016년 1월 30일
There's an ICA package on the file exchange and another here. Some searching will probably reveal others. One of these might help - have you tried them yet?

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