Export Simulink data to Excel during simulation

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Colm Traynor
Colm Traynor . 2016년 1월 22일
댓글: Colm Traynor . 2016년 1월 22일
I have a simulation built with Simulink, where I have worked out for example the water temperature in a heating system at every hour over the course of a year.
I am wondering is there a way to export my output data to an excel file as part of the simulation or will I have to export to the workspace first of all?

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Ilham Hardy
Ilham Hardy 2016년 1월 22일
As far as I know, during the simulation the current simulation data (e.g. ToWorkspace) are sort of not accessible. if you want to export the output to Excel, then you can do it after the simulation finished (post processing).
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Colm Traynor
Colm Traynor 2016년 1월 22일
Ok I see, I was trying to workout a way to use a MATLAB function to write to an excel file using xlswrite but from what you are saying it sounds like that is not possible? Am I better, therefore to use a ToFile block maybe and use that in post processing in Matlab to write my data to excel?

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