MEX-file Arguments in Code Generation not showing up

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Dee Nolovich
Dee Nolovich 2016년 1월 18일
Hello - I am trying to set up Simulink as it is in the example:
The only issue is that when I try configure Matlab settings to run the generated software interface model, I cannot find the 'Mex-file Arguments' box to input the FPGA IP address. Its simply not there. I looked for it in Model Configuration Parameters > Code Generation > Interface, as well as in every other location in the settings and I could not find it. I need to input the IP address of the FPGA there so I can communicate with it.
How can I get this setting option to show up?
Only differences from my setup to the one in the example: I am using Matlab 2015b I am using Zynq Z706 instead of Z702
Thanks, -D


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