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bluetooth communication in matlab

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Tosha 2012년 1월 17일
hello, i am working on a college project in which i need to communicate with a bluetooth device through MATLAB. i tried to use the inbuilt adaptor of the laptop to discover the other object. but my matlab version (instrument control toolbox) doesn't seem to support bluetooth interfacing. can someone tell me what can be done for this? i have MATLAB 7.12.0(R2011a) version installed on my laptop (64 bits-windows 7).

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Chirag Gupta
Chirag Gupta 2012년 1월 17일
bluetooth is supported in the Instrument Control Toolbox form R2011b. You can also try and connect it as a serial port (if the bluetooth device shows up).

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Tosha 2012년 1월 18일
so the problem is with the version used ie- R2011'a' ? 'b' supports it?


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