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2015b OSX 10.11.2 graphical/figure bug(s)

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Knut 4 Jan 2016
댓글: Matteo Seclì 18 Sep 2017
I am using a late 2013 macbook pro connected to two external displays
  1. Open MATLAB
  2. Type "figure()" in the MATLAB command line
  3. Maximize the figure by pressing its green button
  4. Close the figure
What I expected: for the figure window to be closed and the desktop to be rendered
What I observed: the screen is all black
I am far from a OSX poweruser, but it seems that MATLAB is setting up new virtual desktops, and not cleaning up afterwards?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 4 Jan 2016
What is the resolution of your displays? Also does it matter which display the figure is on?
Knut 4 Jan 2016
External 1: 1080p, external2: 1080p, internal: 2880x1800
The problem occurs on both internal and external display.
Matteo Seclì
Matteo Seclì 18 Sep 2017
Same problem here, MATLAB 2017a and MacOS 10.12.6 on MBP 15 mid 2017. Although in my case it happens on the internal display, no need to connect any external display. It seems that when you maximize a figure MTALAB creates an additional workspace to put the figure in, and then when you close the figure the workspace is completely black, you't even see the top bar. The only solution, for me, is to enter the "mission control" and close the all-black workspace. But it's extremely annoying, and it seems that this bug got stuck here for two years.
PS: I made a screen recording of the bug, if it helps.

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Usha Duddu
Usha Duddu 6 Jan 2016
Hi Knut
I understand that a black screen is rendered on MATLAB interface when you try closing the MATLAB generated figure window in MAC OSX 10.11.2.
This is an incompatibility with MAC OS 10.11x El Capiton and MathWorks development team is aware of this issue. The only way to use MATLAB after tthis happens is to restart it.

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