Simulink model does not "continue" after a "pause" by using set_param commands.

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Attached are files for, loadvar.m and CurrentTransfer13.m, which are simplified versions of a model I have been working with. An assertion block in the model calls for execution of CurrentTransfer13, preceded by a set_param command to "pause" and followed by a command to "continue". The problem is that the execution does pause, does execute CurrentTransfer13, but then refuses to continue without manually depressing the "run" button on the model screen. Several pros have tried to help me fix this with no success. We have tried to move the "continue" command, to add "update" commands, to remove and add the "return" command, all without success. Can anyone tell us how to properly code this model so it automatically executes the .m script file and then continues with the Simulink simulation, until the end of the established time interval?


John Petersen
John Petersen 2015년 12월 21일
Your sim stops because of the pause. When you press play, it continues for one cycle and then is told to pause again in your assertion block. Just remove the pause and continue, you don't need them.
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Don Brohaugh
Don Brohaugh 2015년 12월 22일
John, Thank you very much for your input, but it has been tried and does not work!
Try it on the simple model and you will see that the simulation does continue to the end of the 0.03 second interval, but that the calls to Current Transfer13 are not executed at all!

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