How do I activate MATLAB or other MathWorks products without an internet connection?

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How do I activate MATLAB and/or other MathWorks products on a computer that is not connected to the internet?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team 2022년 8월 17일
편집: MathWorks Support Team 2022년 8월 17일
To activate MATLAB and/or other MathWorks products on an offline machine, you must:
  1. Obtain your Host ID
  2. (Individual licenses only) Obtain your computer login name or username
  3. Activate the license through the License Center to obtain license file
  4. Use the activation client to activate MATLAB or other MathWorks products with the license file
Obtain your Host ID
To obtain your host ID, follow the article below:
What is a Host ID? How do I find my Host ID in order to activate my license?
(Individual Only) Obtain your computer login name or username
To obtain your computer login name or username, follow the instructions in this article:
How do I find my computer username in order to activate my license?
Activate the license through the License Center to obtain license file
  1. Go to the License Center:
  2. Under My Software, click the license number you want to activate. If you do not see your license number, in the bottom right hand corner, click View Additional Licenses or Trials
  3. Click the Install and Activate tab
  4. Click Activate to Retrieve License File or Activate a Computer.
  5. Enter the following information: the release you are activating, the operating system, the host ID, your user or login name, and the Activation Label.
  6. Download the license file 
Use the activation client to activate MATLAB or other MathWorks products with the license file
  1. Transfer over the license file.
  2. Run the activation client. You can find how to open up the activation client in the article below
    • How to activate MATLAB?
  4. Select "Activate manually without the internet"
  5. Select "Enter the full path to your license file, including the file name:" and browse to the license file.
  6. Hit Next, and then activation will be complete. Click Finish.
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Christian Wagner
Christian Wagner 2021년 8월 19일
Everyone dealing with the "Unable to locate required installation files", after running the installer on your offline machine ("matlab_<<MatVersion>>_win64.exe, The smaller one you used to download the installation files).. copy everything it unzips into _temp_matlab_<<MatVersion>>_win64 into the big folder you downloaded. copy and replace. Then run the setup.exe inside the downloaded matlab folder.
I bet that is what they mean with saying "your installation files are not in the correct location" or whatever. Instead of making a proper guide you are linking us to the same thread over and over.... Every freeware out there offers better guides... hope you feel bad for your poor instructions!

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Nathan Goedeke
Nathan Goedeke 2018년 12월 4일
I solved the issue mentioned in the comments: DO NOT run the Matlab Activation Client
Matlab must have changed the activation client GUI but never bothered to update their FAQ.
After you complete steps 1-8 in the official answer, do the following additional steps:
  1. Copy the downloaded liscence file to the following directory (using Windows): C:\Program Files (x86)\MATLAB\{version}\licenses
  2. Delete any other liscence file already in that directory
Now you can start Matlab, and this time the activation client will not run. You do not, repeat, DO NOT need to run the activation client.
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Amy Meader
Amy Meader 2016년 11월 5일
I would seriously like customer service or help center or whomever to try and follow your own directions. I give up.
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Frederic 2022년 7월 30일
Lol best customer service:
Customer: I would like support from customer service
Staff 2 years later: Are you still experiencing this issue?

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Zhiyuan Liu
Zhiyuan Liu 2020년 1월 19일
No offence, But I find a lot of pirate version of MATLAB installation guide much more easy to follow.
And they have a much higher successful rate!!
Although I have a license.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2020년 1월 19일
Pirate versions only have to deal with one license type and one installation situation.

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omar ElewA
omar ElewA 2017년 3월 9일
in the second step where is "my software" or where is "View additional Licenses or Trials" ?? you are telling things that are not exist I'm spending one hour for installing this program and no progress
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Thomas Vincent
Thomas Vincent 2019년 1월 15일
편집: MathWorks Support Team 2021년 5월 19일
Note that the host ID for matlab 2008b (and most surely up to matlab 2013), is resolved from the MAC of eth0 (and no other) on linux.
Recent linux have different interface name instead of eth0.
It is not indicated, but you should reboot after reconfiguring grub at the end of the instructions.

yingrong luo
yingrong luo 2019년 9월 6일
For student in china,maybe you can try using VPN

ANA H 2019년 11월 11일
I can't install MATLAB following these ofline instructions.
I've got a license.lic. Where I have to put license.lic file? in _temp_matlab_R2019a_win64 folder?
After write my File Installation Key it shows next message:
'Using a File Installation Key requires you run the installer from a MATLAB DVD or from a directory which contains files previously downloaded via the installer.
To obtain the missing files, click Back on the previous screen and select Log in with a MathWorks Account or contact your MATLAB license administrator. '
What can I do?
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ANA H 2019년 11월 13일
편집: MathWorks Support Team 2022년 6월 14일
Thanks a lot to all people. You're great :)
I thouth tha i can install it in an other way (using a license file), but I was wrong, because I didn't have all the necessary files.

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Eliza Roxana OPRESCU
Eliza Roxana OPRESCU 2020년 3월 16일
Why am I have to activate every time when I try to launch MATLAB and it never starts?
When i try to acces Matlab, it asked me to activate every time..after the activate module is complete the program never starts...
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Nathan Goedeke
Nathan Goedeke 2020년 3월 16일
Hey Eliza,
I had the same issue you did earlier, and my solution is one I posted earlier on this thread:
  1. Copy the downloaded liscence file to the installation folder, i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\MATLAB\{version}\licenses
  2. Delete any existing liscence files already in that folder
This will prevent the activation client from popping up again.

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thank you

Ulziiburen Sergelen
Ulziiburen Sergelen 2020년 4월 3일
license checkout failed
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Cody Lamke
Cody Lamke 2020년 4월 16일
편집: MathWorks Support Team 2021년 2월 1일
If you are still experiencing this issue, please contact MathWorks support:
-Cody Lamke

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Angela Pico
Angela Pico 2020년 4월 14일
porque no puedo abrir el programa de Matlab por el error -9
Que hago para solucionar
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2020년 4월 14일
If none of the answers above work for you, then you need to contact Mathworks for free installation assistance.

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Kimberly Andersen
Kimberly Andersen 2020년 7월 25일
Got it to work finally!! I'm trying to download 2009 Student (yes in 2020 lol) and these directions worked through downloading a license file (step 6). I wasn't given an option to activate my license without internet in the activation window so I wasn't able to do steps 7-10. I moved the downloaded license file from my download folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\MATLAB\R2009a Student\licenses and once I put it in the license folder I was able to start Matlab without going through the activation window, it just opened up! woohoo! Thanks!!

Medam Pavankumar
Medam Pavankumar 2020년 11월 13일
definitely connect to the internet connection
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Klaus Meder
Klaus Meder 2022년 6월 19일
i had no license key an d forgot my passwort for the mathworks account( onlinecomes answer, passwort or e-mail is invalid the it of my university can not help me( now i have create a new account with my private e-mail, there now no problems but the licensekey do not workswhat can i do? reset my passwort for university-account is failed e-mail for create a new password comes not to my mail by university-account

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Heba Fathi
Heba Fathi 2021년 2월 19일

Ravi 2022년 9월 16일 9:55
Enter full path to your license file

Ruediger Bauernschmitt
Ruediger Bauernschmitt 2022년 9월 20일 10:58
I have done that several times now and I'm still confused everytime I have to do it again. Why is matlab support not able to write an easy to follow procedure for this activity which does not consist of many different links and redirections to other pages. It's a shame!


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